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Columbus 40in Illuminated Floor Globe - DCB5032
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  • Columbus Magnum Plus Physical, German Made.
  • Floor Model Contemporary Stainless Steel Base and Full Meridian.
  • Place Names & Cartography All in English.
  • Physical Illuminated Sphere, 40 Inch Diameter.
  • 49in W x 40in D x 68in H; Weight: 176 Lbs.
  • The mammoth Columbus Magnum Plus Physical 40 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe is the very peak of globe manufacturing! The masterful 40 inch globe stands 68 inches tall when held by the wishbone-shaped, stainless steel base. The distinctively designed base thrills with its modern style, which allows the beauty of the Columbus globe itself to take center stage as a result of its slight appearance. In between the two arms of the steel base is a gimbal mounted full meridian, which allows the world globe to be swiveled up and down.
  • Explore the natural colors and uneven topography of the planet through the detailed physical map! The blue ocean backdrop showcases the deep valleys and ridges of the underwater floor as seen from a satellite view. The landmasses are colored in organic greens, yellows and browns, reflecting the planet's natural hues. While the map also features the most important place names, the focus of this map is mainly on the tall mountain ranges and snaking rivers that bisect the lands. A dark blue longitude and latitude grid spans the floor globe, adding to its cartographical splendor.
  • The extraordinary world globe was hand assembled. Columbus' skilled craftspeople overlaid the acrylic sphere with the relief map, which was manually cut and glued to the sphere's surface. The handcrafted nature of this large world globe ensures its fine quality for a lifetime to come. To further experience the model's beauty, turn on its internal light bulb! With the flip of a switch, this world globe comes aglow, sending its brilliant colors cascading into the room.
  • You have reached the absolute top of the line with the Columbus Magnum Plus Physical 40 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe. The largest commercial globe in production, this masterpiece deserves to be displayed in a public space like a school, university, office, museum or library for its exemplary qualities to be best appreciated.

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