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Columbus 13in Illuminated Desktop Globe - DCB5006
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  • Columbus Lindau, German Made.
  • Desktop Model with Stainless Steel Base and Half-Meridian.
  • Place Names & Cartography All in English.
  • Political & Physical Illuminated Sphere, 13 Inch Diameter.
  • 15in W x 13in D x 17in H; Weight: 5.5 Lbs.
  • The Columbus Lindau 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is a cartographical treasure that displays its magnificent geography on a tabletop surface. Put this world globe on a desk, bookshelf or coffee table and admire its sleek stainless steel base, which holds the 13 inch sphere 17 inches high. A flatly styled, minimalist semi-meridian frames the sphere.
  • With the light off, the desktop globe displays a blue ocean political map. Packed with cartographical detail like place names, shipping routes and a longitude and latitude grid, this stylish model is an educational wonder. However, flip on the internal light of this illuminated globe, and marvel as the DUO map technology takes hold, and a physical map emerges from the political one. Three dimensional shading showing mountain ranges and the topography of the ocean floor as the model's brilliant colors emanate forth.
  • Columbus' expert artisans hand cut and applied the DUO map to the acrylic sphere. This meticulous attention to the manual construction of the world globe is what makes Columbus a head above the rest. The man hours that go into the manufacturing this world globe ensures its top notch quality. Savor the artistic and geographic grandeur of the Columbus Lindau 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe. From the beautiful map down to the chic stainless steel base, this model is sure to impress with its quality manufacturing.

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