Item Not Working Properly

We are sorry for the difficulty with your product.  All products we sell have been tested prior to leaving the manufacturing facility.

Most products require slight adjustments and some assembly in order to make them work properly.

Most new clocks or watch products need to run at least 3 to 5 days to allow the product to adjust to the correct time.  We suggest always using new Alkaline batteries for all quartz clocks. 

After 3 to 5 days later, if you still have problems with the product, please first contact the manufacturer technical support to resolve your issue.  Most issues can be resolved over the phone.   Issues such as hands not moving or loose, pendulum not moving, or item is not keeping time are easily resolved.

A new replacement merchandise, new replacement parts, or arrange adjustment/repair at no cost if it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Your Options:

Option 1)   Request the manufacturer support's contact information >>

Option 2)   I have contacted support, and I need further assistance  >>

Option 3)   I have NOT contacted support, but I need your assistance  >>

Option 4)   I Prefer to return or exchange the item  >>